Stylish Male Haircuts

As expected, what are considered to be stylish male haircuts tend to vary from place to place, and from group of people to another. Generally though, stylish male haircuts can be described as those that are 'not plain' - that is, male haircuts that give the wearers distinctive looks. It has to be quickly added, though, that the distinctive look so acquired has to be 'distinctive' in a positive way, otherwise the wearer runs the risk of coming across as 'clownish' rather than 'stylish,' as would have been the aim.

Seen as encompassing all haircuts that are not 'plain' then, the stylish male haircuts category turns out to be a very wide one indeed - encompassing pretty much every distinctive (as opposed to plain) hairstyle out there. It is worth reiterating though, that although every distinctive hairstyle would be considered 'stylish' in one setting or another, there is - as of now - no universal agreement as what would be considered stylish or not, so that what is considered a distinctive look at one place could be considered 'clownish' or simply plain in another place. The moral here is that if you are a man, and you are moving from one place to another (say emigrating from Asia to the United States), and you want to always come across as stylish, you have to be aware that what might have been considered stylish haircuts in your homeland might not be considered as such in your new residence - hence the need to conduct area-specific research with regard to what constitute stylish male haircuts in the United States, or wherever you are moving to.

It might also be mentioned that what are considered 'plain' haircuts in one place (and therefore out of contention for consideration as 'stylish), can often turn out to be considered quite stylish in another place; especially if the other place we are looking at happens to be a place with men who are given to getting 'outrageously' decorative haircuts. What we would be looking at is a situation where something like the 'buzz' haircuts - which are defined by their 'relative plainness,' thanks to the short cropping of hair which defines them, can turn out to be considered extremely stylish in a setting where men are given to keeping long hair, so that having short cropped like, like the variety that buzz haircuts produces, sets apart the person who happens to acquire such a look from the 'pack' in a positive way - thus making him come across as 'stylish.'

Needless to mention is the fact that what are considered stylish male haircuts are also time-specific, in addition to being place-specific. What we are looking at is a situation where what is considered a stylish haircut at a certain place today could turn out to be in the category of 'clownish' haircuts in say five years time to come; hence the need for everyone who is keen to keep looking stylish to watch the evolving trends carefully.

It might also be mentioned that the place specificity of stylish haircuts has been increasingly going down in recent days, because thanks to globalization (which also affects cultural trends), there is growing, almost universal, consensus on what constitutes stylish and what does not. Therefore, it would not be hard to envision a future when what is considered a stylish male haircut and what is not will be a matter of global consensus, among various groups.


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